721 Foundation

TDG eGift Cards

Not only does our Yellow Economy Circle provide meal gift cards, but we 721 Foundation also launches our self-branded TDG eGift Card (or “eGift Card”). The three characters T, D, and G stand for our services provided - ‘T’ for ‘Translating’, ‘D’ for ‘Design’, and ‘G’ for ‘Ghostwriting’. It is ideal both for personal use and as a gift.


With our TDG eGift Cards, you can purchase our services ‘Freedom Translator’, ‘Talents Market’, and/ or ‘Liberty Ghostwriter’ in advance. You can redeem for our services when needed or send it as a gift to those who need it. Our eGift Cards never expire. Same as our projects, all the amount will be counted in USD. The amount received after the deduction of cost will all be used to support our charity projects.


How to use:

Once you purchase the TDG eGift Card, a TDG eGift Card code (or “Gift Code”) will be emailed to your registered email. The Gift Card can be redeemed by showing the Gift Code during checkout. The Gift Card can be used multiple times until the residual value has dropped to zero. The TDG eGift Cards never expire. For the details of TDG eGift Card terms of use, please refer to the link below:




As to be clear and not to be confused with other project expenditures, we have already opened another US bank account to specifically handle any sums related to TDG eGift Card. We will report the expenditure and revenue of the Gift Card in our monthly report.