Apart from ‘Freedom Translators’,  ‘Talents Market’  is the second  project run by 721 Foundation to provide job opportunities of overseas and local ‘Sau Zuk’ (pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong). ‘Sau Zuk’ who participate in ‘Talents Market’  aka ‘Sau Zuk Market’ can decide the contents of services and pricing according to their own experiences, abilities and skills. At present, ‘Talents Market’ mainly provides a wide variety of design services, such as logo design, card design, poster design, website design, etc. 721 Foundation only provides a communication platform so that ‘Sau Zuk’ can reach potential conscientious clients. 721 Foundation does not get involved in the agreement between conscientious clients and ’Sau Zuk’. In order to enable the local and overseas ‘Sau Zuk’ to obtain nearly 100% of the service fees from  conscientious clients, 721 Foundation will only charge HK$10 as operating fee from each transaction.  How to join the talents market? If you are ‘democracy’ enough, you can join the ‘Sau Zuk Market’ together with your portfolio. . At the same time, we would like to increase peoples’ awareness of the development of democracy in Hong Kong through this project.