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Freedom Translators

(Wo Nei Jik)


‘Freedom Translators’ is a yellow-economic project co-organized by 721 foundation and the conscientious translation company, GBOSLTD. It aims at hiring, providing translation job opportunities as well as incomes to college students and working adults, who are with high language proficiency but are affected by the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement at the same time. Others who have high language proficiency are welcomed to join this yellow translation team (pro-democracy translation team) as well. At the same time, we would like to increase peoples’ awareness of the development of democracy in Hong Kong through this project.


There are more than 10 members in the translation team at the moment, in which 90% of our members are undergraduates or postgraduates majoring in language, English or translation and the rest of them are graduated and have a few years of language-related working experiences. Most of our members score band 8 or even 9 in IELTS. All the benefits from the translation services are spited into two parts - 50% will be given to the member who is in-charge of the project and 50% will be given to 721 foundation in order to support our works for those who exiles overseas. If anyone of you is looking for translation service, please contact us via email at


The conscientious translation company, GBOSLTD, is one of the Non-Voting Affiliates of 721 foundation. They are in-charge of the technical support, daily operations and recruitment of ‘Freedom Translators’ voluntarily.

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