Democratic Hong Kong Scholarship (in preparation)


The Democratic Hong Kong Scholarship is established with an aim to provide academic scholarships to young people who left Hong Kong due to the anti-extradition bill protest since 2019 and  pro-democracy protestors from other countries who support Hong Kong democracy movement.  The applicant must be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree majoring in a democracy-oriented program, or a related field.The long-term goal of the endowed scholarship is to ensure the awardees could become self-supporting in the foreign countries and facilitate the development of Hong Kong democracy.


  1. Commitment to the development of democracy in Hong Kong;

  2. Currently live in democratic western countries, Japan, Taiwan, etc.;

  3. Have excellent academic performance; and

  4. Submit a brief personal statement on how you could contribute to the development of democracy and human rights in Hong Kong upon the completion of your study.