721 foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit and nonstock corporation founded in the State of Delaware, USA.  There are three purposes for the establishment of 721 Foundation. First, to promote democracy and human rights in Hong Kong through different projects. Second, to provide financial assistance to victims of police brutality in Hong Kong. Third, to do anythings that could fulfill the above mentioned purposes.

Where does our name come from?

21 July 2019 was one of the dates of great significance in the anti-extradition movement. While hundreds of thousands of citizens took to the streets on Hong Kong Island to protest against the evil bill in the daytime, a gang of thugs who were highly suspected to be a mob of police, villagers and gangsters, assailed citizens going home from the protest in Yuen Long in the evening. Naming our Foundation after the date is to remind Hongkongers not to forget the assailants’ indiscriminate attack, not to forget the regime’s violence, and not to forget all of our fellow protesters who fight for Hong Kong’s democracy and liberty! 

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